Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Disruption (int)

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Executive Summary and Recommendations
Action Matrix
Chapter 1. Understanding Climate Change and Climate Change Justice
1.1 The science of climate change
1.2 The impact of climate change on natural resources
1.3 The impact on individuals, communities and states
1.3.1 Individuals
1.3.2 Communities and cultures
1.3.3 States
1.4 The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
1.5 The importance of climate change justice
1.6 Justice implications of mitigation and adaptation measures
1.6.1 Justice implications of mitigation
1.6.2 Justice implications of adaptation
1.7 Moving from understanding to action
Chapter 2. Current Legal Challenges in Climate Change Justice
2.1 Environmental law regimes
2.1.1 International environmental law framework
2.1.2 Constraints of international environmental treaties
2.1.3 Constraints of customary international law
2.2 Human rights law regimes
2.2.1 Framework of human rights treaties and customary international law
2.2.2 Constraints of human rights law
2.3 Trade law regimes
2.3.1 Framework of international trade law
2.3.2 Framework of regional trade and bilateral investment law
2.4 State responsibility and climate change liability
2.4.1 Domestic climate change litigation
2.4.2 State responsibility in international law
2.4.3 Constraints of the International Court of Justice
2.4.4 Constraints of an International Court for the Environment
2.5 International law on climate change adaptation
2.5.1 Framework of international law relating to climate change adaption
2.5.2 Constraints for climate-change related migration
2.5.3 Constraints for food security
2.5.4 Constraints on technology transfer and access to information
Chapter 3. Enhancing Legal Regimes to Achieve Climate Change Justice
3.1 Legal measures
3.1.1 Climate change justice measures for individuals and communities
3.1.2 Climate change justice measures for states: international dispute resolution
3.2 Capacity building and transparency
3.2.1 Knowledge and skills transfer
3.2.2 Transparency
3.3 Institutional measures
3.3.1 WTO reforms
3.3.2 Bilateral and regional trade agreements
3.3.3 UNFCCC negotiations
3.3.4 Multilateral adaptation measures