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To protect themselves against counterfeits’ imports and parallel imports, luxury and fashion brands must register information relating to their trademarks and products with the European Observatory Enforcement Database as well as nationally-managed databases.
The [ Office of Harmonisation of the Internal Market ] (OHIM) based in Spain manages the European Observatory on infringement of intellectual property rights. The European Observatory has now launched its Enforcement Database. The database allows right holders to upload information in relation to their trademarks, which is then stored in the database and can be accessed by rights holders, customs officers and the police alike. The aim is that the parties involved will be able to exchange and share information and communicate more easily through the database.
In France, companies can apply for a “request of intervention”, with the French customs, in order for customs services to increase their efficiency to detect counterfeits of products of these French companies. This process, easy and free to set up, valid for one year and renewable on demand, allows customs to retain for 10 days any goods suspected of being counterfeit. This timeframe allows registered companies to confirm to customs services whether the detained products are, in effect, counterfeits of their own products.

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